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Cousin, Earlene Johnson

Front of Bus

Cab of Bus

Earlene in Bus Dining Room

Franklin D Roosevelt's Little White House

FDR's Servants' Quarters

FDR's Willys Roadster

Unfinished Portrait of FDR

Glenda Holding Texas Flag at FDR Museum

FDR State Park

FDR State Park

Warm Springs - Bulloch House

Warm Springs - Paw-Paw's Express

AFLAC Headquarters Building, Columbus, Georgia


Today I drove to Phenix City, Alabama to visit with Cousin Earlene a few days. She told me that she had driven by the local RV park and did not like the looks of it. She wanted me to park in her driveway. It is long enough for both Daisy and Sweet Pea. The neighbor across the street is letting Earlene park her car over there.

Earlene got off work a little early today so we had time to visit a little while before going to her church. Each Wednesday they have a potluck dinner in the fellowship hall. Then they sing a couple of songs and have a short Bible study. Of course I ate too much! They even sent some food home with me.

Earlene gave me a little Aflac duck which quacks three times when his tummy is pressed. She also called her hairdresser to make an appointment for me to get a haircut tomorrow afternoon. I hope she will do as well with my hair as she does with Earlene's.


Today I finished reading a book just in time to go to the beauty shop. My haircut turned out very well, albeit a bit shorter than I wanted. However, it will grow back soon.

Earlene got off work a little early again and then we went to dinner at Country's on Broadway in Columbus, just across the bridge. It is in an old bus station and one of the dining rooms is actually in an old bus. The food was quite good.


Tonight Earlene and I went to a nice Chinese restaurant where she goes quite often. Most of the people there know her. The food was very good and the service was excellent.


Hooray! Earlene was off work today so we had all day to play. We went to Warm Springs, Georgia to visit Franklin D. Roosevelt's Little White House and Museum. President Roosevelt first came here in 1924 to swim in the natural hot springs, hoping to get relief from polio. He built a simple vacation cottage on the side of Pine Mountain in 1932.

He spent a lot of time visiting neighbors and learning of their difficulties, especially during the Great Depression. What he learned during these visits helped him to develop his New Deal policies. This is where he died from a stroke on April 12, 1945, while posing for a portrait by Madame Elizabeth Shoumatoff. She was so distressed that she did not finish the portrait. The unfinished portrait is displayed at the museum, exactly as she left it.

We saw a film narrated by Walter Cronkite and then toured the home, the guest house and servants' quarters. His 1940 Willys roadster is displayed there in a glass-enclosed area. Also on display is his 1938 Ford convertible , which is equipped with hand controls that allowed him to drive it himself. He designed the controls.

After the tour we had a buffet lunch in the Bullock House in Warm Springs. It is such a popular place that we had to wait about half an hour. We visited a gift shop next door while we waited. Then we rode around in the FDR State Park. There were some pretty fall colors but, as with everywhere else I have been on this trip, they were not dramatic. The drought has affected this area as well.

On the way home Earlene showed me around the historic section of Columbus and then showed me the Aflac headquarters building where she works.

When we returned to her house in Phenix City, she had a message on her answering machine telling her that her older brother, Cecil (whom I had visited in Murfreesboro, TN a few weeks ago), had been taken to a hospital in Missouri after experiencing a slight stroke. He had quickly recovered his ability to speak and sounded like his normal cheerful self when we spoke with him. We were greatly relieved and are expecting a good report from his doctor tomorrow.

We went to TCBY to get several flavors of yogurt to take home. For dinner tonight we ate some of our leftovers from our Chinese dinner last night. It still tasted good.

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