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When we first made our travel arrangements, we knew that we were flying to Anchorage via Las Vegas, not the most direct route. The lay over time at McCarran airport was about fifty minutes. This was a bit tight in my opinion, since departures from Chicago are rarely on time. About a week ago, I logged on to Orbitz to check our flights and noticed that our flight time from Chicago had been changed, allowing a big 26 minute layover. When I called USAir to question this, the assured me that their computer said that 25 minutes would be all that we and our luggage would need. I would really hate to be on a cruise ship for a month with only the clothes I had on my back. O'hare is not noted for its on time flight record. A one minute cushion was no cushion to me.

Luckily, the ticket agents at USAir felt my pain, and changed our flight to Las Vegas to this evening. It was a shock to the bod to go from temperate weather at home to 106º in Las Vegas. The 52º and drizzle of Anchorage will be another shock tomorrow.

Security at O'hare was quite daunting. Perhaps flying the day after 9/11 had something to do with it. We stood and watched for fifteen minutes as a TSA agent slowly and methodically went through the magazines and neatly packed clothes in my suitcase. The screening line for carry ons was also lengthy and slow moving. The agents appeared to be seriously thinking about each bag that went by, rather than zoning out with such a tedious job.

We were thrilled to see that all our bags arrived with us, but with the time change we didn't feel like doing the Strip. So off to the hotel and to bed. It was quite an accomplishment to find a Las Vegas hotel that does not have any gambling opportunities. From previous visits we know that slot machines can be found at the gas station, laundromat, and grocery store. And of course, they were close at hand at the baggage carousel as we stood and waited.

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