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View while waiting for the tunnel to open

View from the bus

On the way to Anchorage

Downtown Anchorage

Flowers in the park

Starting line for the Iditarod Race

Mountains sticking through the clouds

More mountains from the aircraft

After leaving College Fjord, we sailed west toward Whittier. I awakened during the night. I think it was around 3:00 AM and we were docking at Whittier. We were up early and had a nice breakfast from the buffet, before gathering in the card room with Rick & Sherry, to play cards and wait for our turn to disembark from the ship.

When we left the ship, they had busses lined up waiting for us, to take us to Anchorage, and drop us at the Hospitality Center.

Rick & Sherry were assigned to a different bus so we said goodbye, not knowing if we would see them again on this trip.

The drive from Whittier to Anchorage was spectacular! In spite of the rain and fog, we enjoyed the scenery and the wildlife along the way.

Once we got off the ship at the Hospitality Center in Anchorage, we spotted Rick & Sherry right away. The four of us walked around downtown Anchorage and enjoyed the sights, with flowers everywhere.

We had some great clam chowder and a seafood salad sandwich, at a place we found a few blocks away. The visitors center was nice and we explored for several hours before Marilyn and I had to claim our luggage and ride the shuttle bus to the airport.

We said so long to Rick & Sherry and parted with hugs and promises to see each other soon.

I could write an entire journal entry about flying on a commercial flight, the long lines, the terribly uncomfortable chairs in the waiting area, the teeny, tiny seats on the overcrowded aircraft, the poor food, or lack thereof, and any number of other realities about flying commercially.

Marilyn and I were routed so that we overflew our home, west to east, then overflew it again, east to west, and then had to pick up our car and drive for three and one half hours to get home. We were awake for 39 hours before we finally fell into bed to get some sleep.

It was an awesome cruise, and we had the good fortune to travel with long time friends, Rick & Sherry. Wonderful friends who enhanced the enjoyment and the fun of this trip.

Well, it is time to get some pictures posted for you loyal readers. I hope to get some replies to your messages written soon. Please be patient with me.

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