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The Soca River

The Soca Valley Road

A River Village

The Same Village

A Power Station

The Vaaaalleys

A Church Tower in the Distance

Today I headed north along the Soca River Valley to Bovec, the Slovenian capital of adventure sports. The waters of the Soca are a bright torquoise blue and even though it was a dull day it was so beautiful. The valley side are covered with trees and the intense green of the trees against the torquoise of the Soca waters is very dramatic.

On the way I stopped off at Kobarid which has a museum dedicated to one of the most fearsomes battles in the First World War between the combined Austro/Hungarian & German forces and the Italians. The Italians lost 100`s of thousands of mem in the mountains. The Italians were grossly out numbered and if the men did not die from the intense shelling and gun fire of battle, the poisoned gases used by the Germans, the intense cold of winter (7m of snow fell that year) or starvation would take their lives. In one single gas attack a whole regiment of Italians was wiped out, their bodies left contorted from the poisons in their blood stream. This was also the first time the Germans used their infamous Blitzkreig technique of warfare, which would prove so effective in their next attempt at European domination.

The photos of the dead and dieing in the museum really brought home how terrible a thing war is.

I arrive in Bovec just as a thunder storm breaks out in the mountains surrounding the town. Tomorrow I make an assault on those same mountains.....better get some food in me. Lots of carbs! Pasta & Pizza maybe ?

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