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Since today's drive was a bit shorter and it did not matter when we got here, we had a more leisurely departure. We ran into some slow going south of Jacksonville thanks to some fender benders in the northbound lane. Once again we thanked our lucky stars that they did not involve us.

We've been happily using our new EFS fuel card which enables us to get the same prices the as the professional 18-wheelers get at many truck stops around the country and in Canada. We've been saving about thirty cents a gallon. On a trip like the one we just completed, that adds up.

It feels good to be back in familiar territory and we are ready to stay still for awhile. The little building on our second campsite appears to be in good shape and ready for our friends who will be here in two weeks and join us for the winter. I hope we don't discover anything there that needs to be repaired. Ken has enough repair projects as it is. As I am writing this the headlights still need to be fixed, the dashboard A/C is not working, the RV toilet needs to be replaced because it is leaking fresh water, and the satellite dish is not communicating with our TV. Lets hope that's it.

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