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Awesome view

More of our awesome view

Isn't Mother Nature amazing?


Those tourists!!! Crystal and Sandy

Highest point on the North Rim

Top of Mount Hayden. The 8,372-foot spire formed roughly 265 million years...

Picnic in the pines

So enjoyable!




Truly Grand

Colorado River far below as seen from Angels Window

Prickly Pear cactus in bloom

"Octopus" tree

Angels Window

Angels Window with view of Colorado River

Another view from angels Window

That's a long way down!

Another window is forming

Tom admiring the view from atop Angels Window


So pretty

Pinyon Pine

Tenacious tree


What a canyon!

Steep trail to Bright Angel Point



Prickly Pear cactus in bloom

Grand Canyon North Rim Today took us to Point Imperial and Angels Window – well worth the drive! Point Imperial is over 8800’ high and right on the rim. This is the highest viewpoint on the North Rim. Further down the road are Cape Royal and Angels Window. We had the unique experience of walking out over this natural arch (Angels Window) to a viewpoint with spectacular views of this canyon’s wonders. We could see the Colorado River far below. We then returned to Point Imperial and had a delightful picnic in the woods listening to the birds sing and the wind blow through the treetops. When we returned to our cabins we tackled Bright Angel Point. The promontory at Bright Angel tapers to a very narrow ridge with steep drop offs at either side; near the end, the path bridges a few gaps between flat parts of the plateau. It is really steep but oh, so worth the effort! That evening, we sat on a bench overlooking the Grand Canyon, admired the millions of stars we could see and watched for shooting stars. Truly awesome.

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