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We had a ragged departure this morning. Last night we looked at the map and decided on a route. As we left the campground, both of our GPS's had differing ideas; neither matched what we had planned. While I was struggling to figure out which one to follow, Ken missed a turn and we were definitely headed in the wrong direction. His GPS which accounts for our height, wanted to send us back east through Washington D.C . even though we were going northwest. Mine wanted to send us across the Potomac on tiny roads. I couldn't tell how tall the bridges were. Finally we went on a longer route which eventually ended up on expressways. Luckily, our destination here was not all that far away.

We are camped in an Army Corps of Engineers site on a lake created by the Youghiogheny (I have no idea how to pronounce it) Dam, a spot we stayed in once before. The $10 nightly fee is helping to compensate for the much larger fee we paid when we were in Washington. This is such a remote area that the nearest grocery store is 18 miles away and we cannot listen to NPR. Such privation! The campground only opened for the summer season a few days ago. The temperature is summery, but there are few leaves out on the trees. From here we have many places to access the Greater Allegheny Bike Trail which we drove parallel to getting here. We hear that another wave of showers is coming, so we're not sure how much riding we can accomplish before they arrive.

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