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St Andrews Presbyterian Church


Breakfast was at 8:30 and we were served berries and yogurt on top of Cheerios, and a frittata. The other guests at the table were a couple from Germany and a couple from Switzerland (the French speaking region). We had a nice long discussion about traveling and favorite places everyone has visited.

We relaxed in our room until 10:15 and then packed the car. Checkout was at 10:30, and were wanted to attend a church service, but it didn't start until 11:00. We drove around Sackville to kill some time. (I didn't want to sit in a pew for 1/2 hour.) We arrived at the church about 10:45 and were greeted in the narthex and received a bulletin for the 11:00 service at St. Andrews Presbyterian Church. We were told that the minister was on vacation, and according to the bulletin, so was the organist.

The service was nice. It had four hymns and four scripture readings, and concluded before 12:00. The substitute preacher gave a nice sermon. There was no passing of the peace, there was a time for youth worshippers, but he skipped over it because there no youth in church today, and also everyone sat for the postlude.

Afterwards a senior couple, Gordon and Helen, spoke with us, and then invited us to a local restaurant, Patterson's, where some of the church members go for breakfast/lunch after church. Since we were in no hurry, we followed them to the restaurant, and we were joined by another couple, and a weekend bachelor (wife was out of town visiting). I just had a turkey salad sandwich and Jean had a blueberry muffin, plus plenty of conversation. We talked with Gordon and Helen, Dick and Bertha, and George. Topics of conversations included our travel plans, with many suggestions of things to see and do; grandchildren; careers; where the minister went on vacation; and at the end, Trump (they had to know our opinions, and since they asked, I also wanted to know what they thought).

We were then ready to pay (Helen told me to be sure to ask for the senior discount) and leave. By 2:00 we were on the TC2 on our way to the Inn on the Lake in Fall River, Nova Scotia (NS).

I had told Jean that when we would enter NS back in the 60s, we would encounter a circle that had flowers in the middle and the visitors center, plus there would be a bagpiper playing to greet you. Now they have the Trans Canada Highway so I didn't know what to expect. We took the exit for the new visitors center, which had some flowers. When I parked the car, Jean opened the door and exclaimed that she heard bagpipes! They had a the bagpiper, yeah! I was happy. We gathered some materials and returned to the car.

Back on the road, we decided to stop at Masstown Market - Five Islands. Paul at last night's restaurant had mentioned it, and everyone at the table at lunch had raved about it. We arrived, and it was an interesting mixture of a souvenir section, supermarket, bakery, restaurant area, and a really huge line for their ice cream, which Gordon loves. We did not wait in line for ice cream.

We then did the last push of the day to arrive at the inn about 4:00. The inn is located about 7 miles from the airport which is great for tomorrow's flight to St. Pierre. Our room was on the third floor, and we needed to bring all of the luggage to switch our overnight bags with our clothes for the next leg. The large luggage will stay it the car until we return on Friday. (Friday will be laundry day.)

Well, there wasn't an elevator! Luckily, guests enter on the 2nd floor, and the stairs are like those you encounter in a split level house - a few steps, turn and a few more steps. Still, it would have been nice to have had an elevator.

I repacked while Jean refreshed, and then we reversed. We relaxed until 6:00 when we went down to the restaurant for dinner. It was a nice restaurant. I had the salmon dish and Jean had a chicken & mushroom crepe. We topped it off with a strawberry shortcake.

We returned to our room to relax and read.

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