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Art Nouveau at the Palau Macaya building

stone carving at Palau Macaya

Sagrada Familia

ceiling at Sagrada Familia

Jesus it's Gaudi again




window at Gaudi's house at Park Guell

'Not Spanish, Catalan' he answered firmly, as Carol enquired as to his ancestry. We had been eyeing off a well dressed octogenarian couple, sitting at what has become our 'local', a small tapas type cafe populated by regulars rather than tourists. Carol was keen to take their photo but thought she should ethically gain permission so sought the Spanish translation of 'You are beautiful; may I take your picture'. After some rehearsals, assisted by our waiter, hearing her practising at the table, Carol ventured over while Annie and I waited outside. 'Estás preciosa' she delivered to the woman, with immaculate hair and matching camel coloured suit. It could have gone awry. Grasping Carol's hand they kissed it gratefully. Sometimes you need to take risks if a compliment is involved. Will Catalonia gain independence from the rest of Spain? They may have reasons: Catalonia makes more money than any other region - maybe from entry to Sagrada Familia. Despite being the most visited tourist attraction in Barcelona, the cathedral does not disappoint. It would be interesting to visit again when it is finished in 2026, 100 years after Gaudi ('my client is not in a hurry') died. For another essential Gaudi experience Park Guell not only features the well known Gaudi designed park but the chance to walk (or scale) to the top of the hill and experience awesome panoramic views of Barcelona, as long as you don't get blown over. If Catalonia becomes independent, will it set the scene for Texas and WA?

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