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Carpe Diem at Jonathan Dickinson State Park

Tue, 01 May A real travel day...

Today we actually put some real (as in, more than two) miles on our coach. We relocated from the Thousand Trails park in Wauchula to the Jonathan Dickinson State Park in Hobe Sound. It has been a long time since we put some miles behind us—and it felt good!

We'd prepared things for the road yesterday afternoon so getting ready this morning wasn't too big a deal. Bob pulled the coach out of our site and we connected the car, checked brakes and lites, and rolled wheels around 0845. As is our usual practice if we haven't been on the road for a while, we carefully went thru our check lists to ensure that nothing got forgotten.

A left turn out of the park put us on US 17 south. A few miles later we headed east on FL 66 thru Sebring toward Okeechobee, where we changed drivers. We continued east on US 98 a few miles and transitioned to FL 710 east, which took us southeast along Lake Okeechobee's eastern shore. At Indiantown we moved to FL 76 east and then FL 708 east to Hobe Sound. A few miles south on US 1 to the State Park.

We arrived at half past eleven and were advised that our site was still occupied. "No Worries Mate", we're in our RV. We parked in the entry parking lot and had a relaxing lunch.

A bit before one we checked in again and were given the green lite to park. We did so and in short order we were settled into our assigned site.

Today's drive was an easy 125 miles with an overall fuel economy of 7⅓ mpg. Strong headwinds didn't do us a big favor in the fuel economy department.

Once settled in we took Carpe Diem to the nearest Verizon store to find out why our MiFi wasn't working. Turns out it didn't re-activate itself as the phones did. The agent took care of that for us. Then a Wally stop and back to the coach.

While we were gone our good friends Cris and Charles Yust arrived. We'd arranged to rendezvous here before our cruise and it was really great to see them again. Since we last visited with them they retired and are now enjoying themselves. Yea retirement.

We took them to one of our favorite places to eat, Time To Eat Diner in nearby Tequesta. This an attempt to recreate a New Jersey diner, complete with the huge menu. It is good, the portions are huge, but it falls short of New Jersey ambiance. People are too nice!

Fri, 04 May

Since arriving Tuesday we've been busy little campers.

Wednesday we took the Yusts to Costco and got serious about restocking the fridge. Lotsa frozen and referigerated foods were on our shopping list. This Costco had a poor selection so several items weren't available. We'll continue looking...

Sandi had an eye exam yesterday, all is OK (yea!). A Sams Club stop on the way back allowed us to check a few more items off our shopping list.

We're also slowly catching up on accumulated paperwork and other issues. Being away for four months is a stretch and fairly stressful. Ugh!

Sat, 05 May Cinco de Mayo!!!

We heard from good friends, RVers, and former shipmates John & Eileen Frerking who live in nearby Palm Beach. We'll be meeting them for lunch and introduce them to the Yusts. This'll be fun!!!

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