Exchange 2017/18 - Canada travel blog

Hey hey! I'm back :D

Week 7 of Canada, week 4 of uni and midterms are nearly upon us (they're a big deal here but really they're only worth like 35%). Quick recap..! We had a party for Australia Day in one of the residence houses and it turned out to be exactly like they are on TV haha keg in the bath tub and everything. I have discovered sriracha mayo and it is quite possibly one of my favourite things in existence - works in literally everything! How good?!? I'm heading to Toronto for the weekend with some of the girls which will be good (hopefully there's some cringeworthy tourist pics to come). It's still cold but definitely getting more adventurous in how many (or how few) layers I'm going outside in... definitely keen to see if Adelaide winter will actually have me wearing a jacket or not. Also still can't tell if uni is hard or not :/ mid terms I'm sure will give me an idea, whether it's good or not we'll have to wait and see!

Future plans (other than Toronto) include more nights at dollar beers, smashing midterms and then heading to Cuba for reading week (mid-semester break) so that'll be pretty sick. There's whispers of a New York trip at some point too but that will be very funds and exams dependent.

Also shoutout to Liv - Happy Birthday for Saturday! Make Jack take you to the Ele for some vodka waters for me :D

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