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Nice view from my bedroom window on the second floor.

Serious redevelopment happening somewhere above Scott's apartment, by the look of the...

I was in the apartment until lunch time. I had messaged Frankle for help to get a local sim card for my phone. We were to meet him at the China Mobile shop near his home at 12 noon. So we set off about 11.20, to get a bus into town. We’d only just arrived, when Frankle called Scott, to say he could give us a lift. But too late, we were already waiting.

Nothing is meant to be easy is it? So began the mission for a sim card! The China Mobile shop was closed from noon until 2.30, so that was the end of that. Frankle brought his car back, and we headed over to the east of the cbd to the head office of China Mobile. They were open. After much discussion, so very Chinese, we managed to get a sim card that was going to suit my purposes.

While I was getting sorted, Frankle and Scott found a phone that was going to be just what he needed. The phone he brought from Australia has not been altogether satisfactory. Anyway he found a latest model Samsung for 2000 RMB. That’s about $400! Latest model! He could not finalize the deal, because he needed his passport for ID purposes, so had all the paperwork done, and all he had to do was come back and collect the phone, after identifying himself.

Frankle took a detour on our way to lunch, and we had a quick run over the newest bridge over the Xijiang River. This bridge has only been open for a month or so, and crosses over to the eastern end of Gaoyao. Very nice, and of course beautifully elegant, as bridges tend to be in China.

Frankle and Kathy took us to the eastern end of the city. This is apparently going to be the new hub of the city, as it expands in an easterly distance. All new, all huge. New apartment building, new shopping precincts, and all very fancy, and no doubt expensive! We had lunch at the latest branch of Lotus Restaurant. Once again very nice surroundings, but sadly the food was not up to the standard of the original. But still quite nice.

Dropped back at the college, and Scott set off on his bike to collect his new phone.

I did the normal, and had a sleep.

Later in the day, I started moving things around in my bedroom, so I could clean up some corners, and just make it feel more like I need.

Gradually getting there, and at least I could get things into the wardrobe. I just need a chest of drawers so I can manage to empty my suitcase, and then I’ll be all moved in!

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