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Well I missed making an entry last night, we played a long game of cards with Ann and David. Fun except I came last, Ann won. We traveled down to Forbes, a little different to the itinerary, we evened out the kms so won't have a longer day tomorrow.

We are staying at a small park 2 kms from Forbes. Nice country park, Ann and David set up their van under a tree with no leaves as they wanted the sun, after their afternoon rest however, decided the berries falling on their roof would not be good for sleeping at night, so were able to move back a bit.

Last night after our showers we were all happy to get into our tracksuits, tonight we are back in summer gear.

On the way down we haven't been happy with our car. It looses power on the hills, and we have to accelerate a lot to keep to a reasonable speed. A couple of days ago, after it had been turned off while we had morning tea, it suddenly made a funny noise. No lights came on and started ok, so continued on our way.

Today sure enough an engine warning light came on. It's still under warranty so called the company, who sent roadside assist. He quickly worked out there was something wrong with the Turbo Boost. Then noticed the vacuum hose had come off the turbo boost. The first thing he said was "Did you have your car serviced

recently "? Of course we had before we came away. He thinks it wasn't replaced correctly. An easy fix when it was worked out what was wrong. It should make a difference. It was so good it happened today as we had planned a rest day.

Ann and David walked along the river, which was very pretty, and Ann even got to do some shopping, while Noel and I stressed a little for a while. But all is good.

Love Dawn

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