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This is my family in Tacoma - in the back Hanna and...

Ron's workroom

The bathroom

The livingroom and Ron

The kitchen

The garden pavillion

Saying goodbye in the airport

After a night out and about three hours of sleep we got to the bus that would take us both to Seatac airport. When we got there Nicolaj and I departed, he headed home and I jumped on a bus to Tacoma.

This was kind a crazy because I don't know anybody in Tacoma, but I have an email in my hand that says I have some far out family living right here in Tacoma Whasington.

I asked around if anybody knew the street I was looknig for, but nobody did, exept an old lady who told me to go to the golfcourse clubhouse just down the road.

So I did, and the nice lady behind the counter phoned her son to get him to look up the adress on the internet, and she also gave me a free soda :-)

Eventually she found the adress in the local phonebook and called the Ms. Hanna Lange.

She gave me the phone, and I told the total stranger in the other end that I was from Denmark, and that she and I was related! She then said she would pick me up at once, and so she did.

I have met everybody in Tacoma that have ever heard the word Danish, and it's been great! Hanna even offered me to join them for dinner and to stay for the night and even drive me to the airport tomorrow, I'm going to San Francisco you know.. It's been such a good day to remember and I have made many new aquaintances. We all took pictures and talked about all sorts of things. Now I'm soo tired and going to bed, but in the morning Hanna will make me some serious breakfast including RUGBROED and LEVERPOSTEJ !!!

To those who don't know what that is, well.. that's just too bad for you ;-)

See you soon!

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