Sancerre French Immersion 2017 travel blog

Just off the highway; first view of the Loire

The back side of Couer de France Ecole

A view of the valley from Sancerre

A view of the Loire Valley from the highest point in Sancerre...

C'est dommage!! I am in Sancerre with much to say and pictures to share, but can not get internet connection on my computer!! So will share much tomorrow.

I did NOT enjoy driving myself out of Paris! I love Haussmann' architecture and city plan, but when you are driving, everything looks the same! Was thrilled when I finally stumbled across La Madeleine-finally a point of reference! Once out of Paris the highway was great.

Sancerre is everything I thought it would be, and at the same time nothing like it. I will explain that once able to get on line.

And perhaps this is progress, but my waiter in a cafe here (dressed in a Hawaiian shirt with an Elvis themed print) thought I was an Aussie! First time I have not immediately been taken for an American. I don't know if that is good or bad; I don't know if Aussies speak better or worse French than Americans. Or maybe they get a lot of Aussies at the school here. This week is a mix of US, UK, Canadians and some Aussies. I will meet them all tomorrow.

Enough for now but get ready for a long one once I get the connection worked out. And tomorrow the fun begins with 4 hours of class and a winery tour. And mire pictures to share.

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