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My Manila KOA. Not special but very neat and tidy.

On my way...

Beginning the loop into the Sheep Creek Geological Area - great tent...

Captions won't be necessary - the photos are the story


Hey, Rich and Joan! Recognize that truck?



Maybe 40 years ago, this would have been my dream...the perfect ranch...

I hoped for bears, moose, big horn but I only found these....


The empty paths that led to the gorge.

It was breathtaking


I wonder why they named it the Green River?






Oh, you know, THIS one might have been the perfect dream...



Mc Kenna,WY. They say Butch and Sundance robbed a bank here. I...

Love flowers...need to find more


Yep, Utah is pretty amazing. Though Dinosaur National Monument laps over into Colorado, and Flaming Gorge begins in Wyoming, Utah just had to insist that portions were also in their state. You'll see areas in my photos along the Sheep Creek Geological Area loop (in Utah) where dinosaur fossils from the Jurassic and Triassic eras have been found. Incredible country. En route to see the gorge, I would not have taken that loop if the KOA owner of my park had not insisted. It was truly a breathtaking ride...and not just because it climbed to 8400' elevation. Stopped many times to take pictures.

I've posted some 20+ photos from my explorations on Cinco de Mayo along the loop, at overlooks of the gorge and clear up to the dam, but I took over a hundred pictures. When I edited them, I deleted very few. The area is just gorgeous. I love digital cameras!

My good friend Bill, whom we lost to the heavens five years ago, had told me how much he had loved the museum in Cody and that I also simply had to see Flaming Gorge. I saw that museum back in '09 and finally got to the gorge these 8 years later. Amazingly, when I stopped at the first lookout, about 4-5 miles off the scenic by-way, I was the only one there! The visitor center, which hung out over a cliff, would not open until Memorial Day and there were no visitors anywhere. The big sign on the building informed the public it was bear country. I wasn't scared, but I tell you, I was very watchful as I had to walk a distance along the paths to get to the viewing areas. I'm writing this, so you can see I made it safely! I didn't even have my Swiss Army knife with me. Yeah, a lot of good that would have done.

When I returned to Manila, I decided to keep driving and backtrack a few miles to McKenna Wyoming. (Manila is only about 6 miles from the border.) My KOA lady said Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid had robbed a bank there and that the Hole in the Wall where they hid with their gang wasn't too far away. I decided to see if there was any sign of them or the bank and found neither. That big white building with steeple in that tiny, tiny town, (the picture shows the whole of it) is a Mormon Church.

You very well might be opening your email and seeing two journals from me. I sent May 4(Wells, NV to Manila, UT) last night and May 5 this morning. I couldn't wait until tonight to send Flaming Gorge. Needed to share it and I needed to be current. I am now all caught up and heading off to Cheyenne.

While I was wandering through that "bear country" to see the amazing gorge, I found a perfect pine cone which I kept. I named it Bill.

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