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Joy and Trevor's farewell street party, Villasol, Benidorm

Paul pulled out all the stops and dressed for the occassion!

Friends, Edna, Liz and Mary

All the ladies at Joy and Trevor's farewell.

All the guys at Joy and Trvor's farewell

The flamenco dancing is just about to start and we are as...

A touch of 'Dirty Dancing'

Flamenco Dancers

Paul, Bette and Andy in the Old Town, Benidorm

Andy, Bette and Liz enjoying Tapas in the Old Town, Benidorm

Hi Everyone

Spring has sprung and now summer is on its way here in sunny Benidorm. Any spare piece of ground is covered with the bright faces of yellow and white daisies and in amongst the colour of sunshine, pillar box red poppies wave their soft petals in the gently breeze.

In a tree outside of our van are two collared doves. Mrs Dove is leading Mr Dove a merry chase. One minute she is keen for his attentions and the next she's flapping and pecking, telling Mr Dove to move out of her personal space!

We have been enjoying the continuous chatter of goldfinches and chaffinches. They are difficult to spot but their song is a delight. Towards the end of the day we also hear the shrill song of the swifts and if you look skyward you can see them darting and swooping across the dusky sky, catching their supper. Just found out that swifts are a member of the hummingbird family.

We've had a couple of farewell's. The first was our friends, Joy and Trevor, who have lived on Villasol camp for many years but are now moving to another camp in Benidorm. Joy knows how to throw a party. Brightly coloured bunting was strung across the road, a trestle table groaned with food, pate's, freshly baked crusty bread, olives, dips and cheeses, so much to choose from - what to have, oh blow it, let's have a bit of everything. Plus a dustbin size bucket of home made sangria was ready and waiting – word of warning – it's potent!

Our next farewell was with Beryl and Gary. They are heading home to Ol' Blighty after enjoying the Spanish winter sunshine. There must have been 20 of us sitting around and enjoying the comradeship, chattering and nattering while savouring a glass of chilled wine and some delicious home made tapas.

Friends Linda and Chris arranged for six of us to meet at a local market where every Saturday afternoon Spanish flamenco dancers perform their stunning dance. Linda reserved us seats so close to the action we were nearly sat on the dance floor. A gentleman sang (cante) while two young women danced. They twisted and twirled while stomping their feet, hands clapping (palmas), snapping their fingers (pitos) and clicking their castanets. It's a very evocative dance.

Our good friends from Glasgow, Bette and Andy, have arrived in Benidorm after a disastrous journey. They had a blow out which ripped apart the underside of their motorhome. Fortunately they were OK, just terribly shaken. Its lovely to see you guys.

As we head into Easter the campsite is starting to get busy with Spanish holiday makers. The pitches that have been vacated by the wintering northern Europeans with their large motorhomes are now being filled with Spanish caravans and tents.

Later this week Paul and I are going to watch the Good Friday procession of Our Lady of Hope and Peace from the church up the hill in the Old Town of Benidorm.

Take care and we hope all is well.

Happy Easter

Liz and Paul x

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