Bahamas trip on Duet 2016-2017 travel blog

Yea figured out that it was pilot error my mistake that I went through 11 gigs of data in 24 hours my bad now after several posts I have used a reasonable amount of data just don't try to send big video files have tons of faboulous videos but you will be forced to view it when I get back to the states spent several hours on the beach was my first real social encounter since i left West Palm met a couple who knew the boat next to me in the boatyard he is infamous as a know it all.( which I figured out as a neighbor) nice to know that he has made an ass of himself all over he Bahamas. He was one of those people who thought he was an expert on everything but his reputation up the east Coast to South Africa backs my opinion of him crazy how one boat can get that opinion so far afield

tomorrow will add pictures of today drinking Bahamian beer on the beach but switched to Bahamian Rum and coke back on Duet It is a tough life but someone should do it still very lonely as I knew it would be but am determined to explore Little Ragged Island weather permitting will be trying to head there

till next post be safe and stay warm is upper eighties today and absolutely beautiful will never get over how extraordinary it is to look down in 15 ft of water like it is on the surface till next time

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