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We've seen a few of these in villages, we think they're commemorative...

Green Woodpecker

Part of the lovely park


Friday 9th Sept

Back on the Concorde Aire we thought we'd make the most of having to stay put and get a few chores done. Put kettle on, we'll have a cuppie first. Oh no we won't, pump struggling to get water thru, then it dwindled to a stop even tho we knew there was a full tank of fresh water. Good job Roy hasn't forgotten his plumbing skills, so this last piece of bad luck didn't hit as hard as it could have done. He'd sorted it in less than an hour, so we had cuppies and showers.

The Beep is back with us.

We are now seriously hoping that that is the very last piece of "bad luck" to hit us this week.

Saturday it was very hot, did chores then relaxed in the sun, think we were due some chilling time. Sunday we went for two walks in the local forests, really enjoyable, shady and cool for us and Blue. Monday, running out of clean clothes we had to find a laundrette, nearest one was Wurzburg, about 30 miles away, so we had a rural drive there thru several small villages, instead of the A3 motorway. Very pleasant drive but no outstanding scenery. Thanks to the Satnav, found the laundrette easily, then walked thru a park in part of the city that just went on and on and on.... Super place, clean, plenty of benches, obviously safe, there were plenty of young women with pushchairs, or walking dogs, a few students lying on the grass studying, one bikini-clad girl reading, no litter anywhere, a really relaxing park with a huge variation of trees, with red squirrels, green woodpeckers, nuthatch, and lots of the more common birds. We found a kiosk serving drinks and a fabulous assortment of snacks, with tables and benches outside so we sat there enjoying a bite & drink with Blue enjoying a bowl of water and nibbles too.

Walked back to the car, picked up the clean and dry laundry, then back to sit in the sun.

Looking forward to tomorrow, fingers x'd that our ignition part arrives by Wednesday, so we can get on south, out of Germany into Austria.

Without the Beep would be nice.

Tuesday 13th Sept...

P.S. Yippppeeeee The part is here, so after a cuppie we're to drive to Bamberg to get it put in at 1pm. Then on towards Munich, and Austria, see how far we get, we'll just stop when Roy's had enough driving & we see somewhere suitable.

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