USA 2016 Friendship Rally travel blog

Houses and colour






The overhead cables are everywhere including in front of our lunch stop.





I think that all doge must be very clean here!

A wobbling phone takes a picture looking like an impressionist.


Brilliant colour! The weather was rather cloudy but the rain was very sparse so we are not complaining. The maximum temperature was 12C and we were wearing shorts (not very short) but we ate lunch on a terrace in Rochester, one of the many pretty towns that we passed through today. Now that we are in Vermont there is no shortage of eateries. Coffee and soup and sandwich lunches are easy to find.

The whole day was on small roads through the woods. There were bends and hills but none were sharp or steep. The proportion of maple trees was highest at the beginning of the day but the colour intensified as we travelled north.

We stopped at two covered bridges and a maple syrup factory where we saw how it is made and made suitable purchases.

Our hotel is on the motorway junction and there is no food here but we won't have to go far.

We hope for some sunshine tomorrow (forecast good) so that the photos will be a little brighter.

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