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Taking it easy on Deck 5 on our way back to Miami

The crew's "cook out" on the pool deck

Even the captain served up a great dessert

All you do on a ship is eat!


Anne chats with the financial officer (Javiar) who was the officer at...



Anne and the chef

The menu






Later that night with the gifted pianist, Garin Bader

Anne with Marie and Gary Smothers - new friends from this cruise

Moon over Miami as we dock

A tug helps us to the dock



A rather long wait in line for customs - not our idea...

The shuttle came at last to take us to the car in...

One last memory of the sunsets in the Caribbean

March 24-26, 2016 At Sea and Returning to Miami

After five very busy days, we were ready to just be lazy. There was no need to have breakfast brought to the room as we had become accustomed to on the touring days. We just made it down by the 10AM cut-off for breakfast and then had a minimal lunch of dainty sandwiches and a cappuccino. Dinners were another thing since we had a Chef’s Table reserved for the last night and the food in the main restaurant was just too good to pass up. Anne has become the Creme Brûlée fan and had that delectable dessert every night.

But it was between meals that we just stretched out on the lounge chairs on deck five, protected from the sun and the negative effects of its rays. There was ample entertainment to keep us awake during the day with lectures on the changing geography of the world over millions of millennia. Professor Jim had wonderful illustrations of continental drift and insights into the way our planet has formed and reformed over billions of years. We were enthralled with a talented pianist, Garin Bader, who performed both showy tunes and a complete classical concert.

We bid farewell to Marie and Gary Smothers who we met on the first night at dinner and exchanged cards, promising to keep in touch.

The ship seemed to slow in the night as we came closer to Miami and we were informed that due to “technical problems” we would be arriving about an hour late. However, we had packed the luggage the night before and after watching the “moon over Miami” and the tugs boats ease us to the dock, we were able to disembark nearly on time and after a long wait for the shuttle bus to take us to the parking garage, we were on our way to our next stop, Sanibel Island on the other side (west) of Florida for the last week of our vacation.

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