Kenya and Tanzania - and Dubai - Fall 2015 travel blog

A thirteen hour flight is no one's idea of fun, but Emerirates did what they could after waiting so long for us to get on the plane. The entertainment system had so many offerings, we did not read or listen to any of the things we'd brought from home. The wine was free, food edible with decent portions. In a way we spent most of the shortened day flying. It was dark when we got on the plane; we missed sunrise and sunset trying to sleep, and here we are.

The terminal in Dubai was magnificent, a bit Las Vegasy looking. Texans would feel at home here. Signs boasted about the tallest building in the world, the largest shopping mall in the world. Prepare to be wowed. Photography was not allowed, but as we stood in line to go through immigration, we admired the glittering pillars and flashing lights around us. By the time we got to the carousel our bags were there - very efficient , and we were oh so glad to see a man waiting holding a sign with our names on it. A twenty minute ride through immaculate streets and we were at the hotel. The internet works great, a shower made us feel almost human once again. And now, to sleep,

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