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Giving the chairs to the families at Plasitos

One happy family leaving the children's centre with their chair!

Janet in her current chair- not sure it's quite right for her!

dance team!!

Dance therapy

Dance therapy 2

PV markets ( and just to prove to those of you who...

Janet's new chair theta we out together from about 5 old chairs-...

Anyone for candy floss?

Agua fresca?

Mmmmm donuts!!








A small mango margarita!!

Luceiro's Physio booklet!

Week 4/5 - I was grouping these two together as I was honking there isn't that much to write now I've uploaded the photos I realised there might be a fair bit!! This week the other children's centre opened up properly after the holidays so we headed there first thing on Monday with three moulded chairs that Laura had had made for three of the children - the parents came too and we were able to present them their chairs and give them a copy of our new postural management leaflet. Have a look at the pictures they all look great in the chairs and the parents are so pleased.

Tuesday was a mad day, not sure I stopped from 9am till 10pm, going to both the children's centres, the orphanage and finally the bodega for a fairly busy clinic. The bodega is open to the public every tues/ Thursday where people can just walk in and see what's it's about/ bring their child/ grandmother for an assessment and come for planned appointments. Today we had a young girl called Janet who has spastic quadrapleagic CP her mother and grandmother bought her because they wondered if we could help them. They were told when she was born she would last 2 days and was given a diagnosis of 'vegetative state'. She is now 11 and her grandmother has worked really hard with her to get her to where she is today, they have never had Physio but they have just done what they thought was right and taken her to the local river to to 'hydrotherapy'. They also purchased a wheelchair for her but it doesn't fit her very well and they wandered of we could help. Janet is a lovely, very smiley girl - she was so excited to see us and all the equipment at the bodega especially the trikes!! The excitement made for a difficult seating assessment but eventually we got all our measurements and I'm going to work with Oscar to see if we can put something together for her. We also told them about our swimming sessions and invited them on Thursday - the family were all so friendly and thankful and were amazing with Janet and she clearing had done so well with all their hard work and perseverance. She would be so good in a standing frame - so fingers crossed there is some in the new shipment to come from Monterray. After Janet a young mother bought her 12 day old baby (Samantha) to the bodega, again they were told that she would not survive more than a week and she is still here, mum is unsure what to do with her and her friend suggested she came to us. She had an uneventful pregnancy and Samantha was born on time but unfortunately her skull had not fused properly and she therefore has an open 'wound' at the back of her head. The doctors have just said she'll die but the other had said she is feeding well, sleeping and doing all other normal baby things and is not sure what to do. On assessment it was apparent that she had a very deformed head shape and the back of her skull was absent - I advised them on handIing and positioning to avoid pressure to the area (something no one had told them!) she also has bilateral positional talipes so I showed them some stretches for that. On assessment she did everything else 'normally' as mum had said but unfortunately that was all we could do - as we were unable to do anything for her head but we did phone a few private doctors and put them in touch with some other doctors to see if there is anything else that could be done. However I worry that this may all be impossible due to cost, but we will have to wait and see. The next child was Mateo, a VERY cute little two year old boy who had hydrocephalus at birth and mum and dad had noted he was not developing properly and his arms and legs did not move 'normally'. Mateo was a bit unsure of being at the bodega but I was able to assess him and see that he has some increased tone in all four limbs but has good functional use of his upper limbs. He is able to reach out and grasp but fine motor skills were lacking. However his head control was poor and he was unable to sit unaided. We discussed with mum and dad what we could offer here and we have planned for them to come and see me for 4 sessions of physiotherapy to try and get them started on a plan for what they can then do with him at home and we are going to try and get a chair together for him. Busy busy day as I said but very productive!!

On Wednesday we were able to get a local doctor (who is related to Nadia - the TU physiotherapist) to see Luceiro for an assessment as she isn't under any doctor at the moment, which was really nice of him.

Thursday was time for more dance therapy at Pitiyal followed by catrins penguins swimming session. Another busy busy session but really good fun and the orphanage managed to bring Luceiro down which was really cool, she was not sure at first but gradually we got there and she gave me a few smiles! The girl (Janet) who had come, to the bodega for the seating assessment on Tuesday also came to swimming and two more new people! Word is getting out!!

This weekend was a chilled one, Hannah's mum arrived and I spent some time cleaning and sorting the house and then a little beach time!! With a mojito or two!

Week 5 went by in a flurry, can't even be quite sure what happened, another two really busy bodega clinics and visited both the children's centres - I managed to get some of the children plasitos sorted with their own chairs - as the Nancy's can't see why all the children can't just share!! But I have taken pictures of the children and laminated them and stuck them to the chairs so hopefully it will work! I also made a physiotherapy programme booklet for the orphanage for Luceiro so that when I'm away for the next two weeks they can try and get started on some of the work I have been doing with her, which may give me a hint if they will do it at all after I leave! Was really pleased with the booklet and thanks to Edwin and Nadia I was able to translate it into Spanish for them, so fingers crossed it gets used!! Right now I have to clean and tidy the house before I fly to Cancun to meet a certain Miss Smith!! CAN NOT WAIT!! Eeeeeeek!

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