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Methow River flowing past our parking spot - Peaceful

Jamie - Working at Jim Creek for the summer

Captain’s Log: 2019.09.22

Our time as Campground Hosts at Jim Creek Navy Community Recreation Area is over, for this year, and it is time for us to disconnect the trailer’s umbilical cables and and make our earthship ready to head out again. We had a really good time but it seems like summer went so fast. On another note, in just a few weeks it will have been five years since we left Washington State to begin our RV travels and here we are leaving Washington again. I feel a little like it must have felt for Captain James T Kirk when he finished his epic five year voyage onboard the Starship Enterprise. That is fiction but for us our journey has been real life. Where do we go from here? We’re not sure but we’ll keep following our star, you know, it’s the second star to the right and straight on ’til dawn.

We enjoyed our summer Campground Host position, it was a first for us. It was also great to spend time near Arlington, the town I grew up in, and we had a great opportunity to visit with Dad and my sister a lot more then we normally would have been able to. I think I even had the chance to be of some help to my sister. And it was good to see some of my cousins too. I also have a brother that lives not all that far away but he is still working and can’t seem to stop so we didn’t get to visit with him as much as I’d like to have. Even so, it was a very good summer for us but it has come to an end.

We left Jim Creek on Monday, September 16th and set our course eastward. This trip we would retrace our route from the spring in reverse as we head back toward Rapid City, South Dakota. We have one more piece in the puzzle to complete as we change our domicile state from Washington to South Dakota. We planned to travel about 151 miles on the first day, passing through the towns of Darrington and Rockport until we reached Washington State Highway 20, also known as North Cascades Highway in this area because it crosses the Cascade Mountain Range. We followed State Route 20 into the foothills of the Cascades passing through the towns of Marblemount and Newhalem before climbing up to Rainy Pass and then Washington Pass. This is a beautiful drive and we love to travel this way whenever we can as we move from Western to Eastern Washington or the other way around too. From Washington Pass it was all downhill until we got to the communities of Mazama and then the little tourist town of Winthrop. Those of you that live in Washington know about Winthrop but for the benefit of those of you that live elsewhere, Winthrop is a cute little western style town complete with boardwalks and old fashioned wooden store fronts. During the proper seasons there are plenty of tourists too. This should have been a quiet time at Winthrop but I was surprised to see plenty of tourists still roaming the boardwalks since Labor Day was behind us and the kids were back in school. This was a Monday so I assumed that the kids were back in school but there seemed to be plenty of them roaming the boardwalks as we passed through the town. Our first overnight stop was at a little RV Park on the Methow River near Twisp, Washington. We have stayed in this park before. It is so peaceful by the river and we like to stop here when we’re in the area. We met some nice people parked next to us and spent some time outside in conversation with them while we enjoyed the river flowing past our parking spot. The lady was a retired school teacher and was having her 70th birthday the next day. This was just an overnight stop for us so we packed up and were back on the road the next morning. Before we left though, we went to the local grocery store and bought a small cake for the lady parked next to us and left her with an apple (for the teacher), a cake, a bottle of wine and our best birthday wishes. We traveled 142 miles to the town of Davenport where we stopped at the Lincoln County Fairgrounds. This, again, is a place we discovered a few years ago and we always like to stop here if we’re in the area. Davenport is about 35 miles west of Spokane and not much of a town but we like it there and enjoy visiting with people from the area when we're in town. We spent three nights at the fairgrounds. Usually we have it all to ourselves but this time there were four other RVs parked there too that we had to share the space with.

After our three day stay was up we said goodbye to Loren, the friendly fairgrounds maintenance man and headed out again. We’ve gotten to know Loren pretty well and we always find it hard to say goodbye. It seems that we have become one of their “regulars” and he has even given us the combination to the fairgrounds gate so we can come and stay whenever we are in the area. It’s hard to leave when you feel so welcomed. We drove to Spokane and picked up Interstate 90 and drove out of Washington a short while later and into Idaho, crossing the Idaho Panhandle and on into Montana. The trip on this day was 244 miles and we stopped at a little campground in the pine trees about 10 miles outside of Missoula, Montana. We were here to visit Jaime, a young woman we worked with this summer at Jim Creek. Jaime was one of the summer hires that worked in the park registration office and store. She is a college student at the University of Montana. We got to know here pretty well and she wanted us to stop by and have lunch with her when we passed through the area…so that’s exactly what we are doing. We’ll have dinner with her tomorrow and then it will be time to resume our journey eastward. As a side note, Jaimie’s Mom makes the best “Mac & Cheese” I have ever had. Good stuff!

There is a trend that I see happening. As we travel the country we meet good people everywhere. We get to know them a little and when it’s time for us to leave they invite us to stop by if we come back to their area, just to say “hi” again. We enjoy doing that when we can.

Until next time…Enjoy!

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