2015 Southern Sojourn travel blog

Winnie's ruts

Heading toward thew waterfront in Wilmington

USS North Carolina

US 17 in Myrtle Beach

Upside down building like the one in Sevierville, TN

King Kong climbing up a building like in Sevierville

Woo Hoo - Gas for less than $2/gallon in SC

Not much to report today as we drove down US 17, the Coastal Highway. It runs 1,206 miles from Winchester, VA to Punta Gorda, FL. We picked it up in Norfolk, VA on Sunday and we'll be following it to Jacksonville, FL. Today we passed through Wilmington, NC, Myrtle Beach, SC, and Charleston, SC. We didn't stop in any. Wilmington looks like a pretty neat place to visit with the USS North Carolina and an interesting waterfront. It's worth a trip back sometime when the weather is better. Myrtle was pretty crowded for January. It's a lot like Sevierville, TN with all of the attractions but probably bigger.

The weather was cloudy and overcast until we got around Charleston, SC where it started to drizzle so there only a few pictures. I included one of the tires tracks from the park last night. I'm glad they had the tractor top pull us out or we would still be there. Gas prices continue to drop as we head south. We saw one place with regular for $1.79/gallon, but the most common price in SC was about $1.99. I'm hoping Georgia is about the same or a little less so I can fill up before we get to high gas tax Florida. It's amazing, fill-ups are about half of the cost of our last cross country trip of 2014. Great time to be RV'ing as prices drop.

We stopped just southwest of Charleston for the night at Lake Aire RV Park. It was dark when we got here and really wet. Fortunately there was no grass to traverse, but there wasn't any pavement either. The electrical pedestal was located in the middle of a puddle. Plugging into the 30 amp outlet and then flipping the breaker while I was standing on a piece of concrete above the water was not comforting. It was something I would frown on if someone tried to do it at work. We all do stupid things occasionally and that was the dumbest I've done in a long time, but we have electric for the night. If the water doesn't go down by the morning, I'll have to make another decision. I do have a wooden pole to use which should make it safer. If the weather improves we may stay a day and go into Charleston. Stay tuned.

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