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We spent the morning driving to our rental condo in Newquay. Little did we know that we put ourselves in the middle of a major surfing center, which must get wild and crazy in the summer, and was still visible on this sunny, fall day. We had wondered why this condo required a security deposit, while the next one does not. Newquay is ideally located not only for surfers, but for anyone who enjoys a wide sandy beach. It certainly doesn't fit our stereotype of a surfing town; many of the buildings here look hundreds of years old. But the waves rolling in were full of bobbing heads and boards. Of course, all the surfers wear full body wet suits. Cliffs rise steeply from the shore and the town is full of hills and winding roads, a challenge for our intrepid stick shifting driver.

We had to waste part of this beautiful afternoon on a nap, since we had awakened at 3am. Then we headed to the store to stock up on groceries. I was very impressed by all the "from scratch" food there was for sale. Stews, stir fries, chicken vegetable combos, fish, and lasagna, were all prepared fresh in small portions and ready to be taken home and heated. The frozen food section was not nearly as large. With these kinds of choices we can eat well without needing all the utensils that a normal kitchen has in the limited kitchenette of vacation rental property. When we got "home" to commence with the cooking, I was confronted with an oven that had a dial with choices of 1 - 9, rather than the temperatures I was looking for. When I read the fine print on the lasagna, it said to put the dial on 6. Who knew?

Taking a shower was also more challenging than it needed to be. The on demand water heater generated lots of heat, but the water would not come out of the shower head no matter what buttons I pushed. Finally Ken discovered a red switch in the hall, which got the water flowing. Who knew?

Our condo is in a building with three others and all appear to be rented out. It was a challenge to find, since we had directions, but no address to put into the GPS. We had to drive up and down a lengthy street looking for a building that said Westerly 69B. The other apartments in the building each had different names. The only reason I noticed it at all is that the rental agents had a small plaque displayed. Buildings here are known by their names, not their address and odd and even numbers are intermingled helter skelter on both sides of the street. Streets are very narrow and we are lucky to have a parking spot off the alley in the back, although I have to get out of the car before Ken pulls in since I would not be able to get my door open. This will be a comfortable spot to investigate Cornwall.

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