Camping Trip to Maine 2014 travel blog

Crossing the border into Maine

The boys set up their tent

Our campsite


We spent the morning reporting the accident and getting the step pushed down far enough to be able to open the door.

Around noon, we headed out again toward Maine and Recompense Shore Campground with the RV only. We had deposited the smashed car at a local body shop.

We stopped off at the Portland, ME airport and picked up a rental car (insurance provided). Then on to the campground.

The boys were great when we got there and began to set up their tent right away. Both Anne and Tom were exhausted from the ordeal of the previous day and relaxed a bit.

We had a great dinner and the campfire took the chill off the mood (it was actually warm outside) that had been generated by the misfortune. Everybody had a good night's sleep.

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