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Wind Farms

Marie and Ole

Street outside flat - note bicycles!


We hung around the Munich airport until the flight was called. Got a couple doughnuts – glazed with white icing and a small cream filling. Once the flight was called we checked in our tickets then walked down a couple flights of stairs.

At the bottom was a bus we had to pile on. It took us a good mile or so to the other side of the runway where we waited while they boarded those needing assistance and the rich folks. Once they were on we rushed the two entrance stairs and got to our seats quickly. Alice had a window seat – on the wing.

Alice closed the blinds and went to sleep. I tried to read a bit but kept nodding out – it had been quite a few hours since our last sleep. The plane ride went well though and once the clouds cleared we flew over the Straights of Copenhagen and saw the numerous wind farms in the water and in the industrial areas.

Landed with no problems and right to luggage claim. Had to stop at an ATM as they use the Danish Krona rather than the Euro here. Since we’re in the EU we won’t need our passports until we leave. Luggage did take some time to show up but it eventually came.

As we headed out Ole, Minna, Marie, and Thor (waving an American flag) were waiting for us. After a fond greeting we walked to their car and Marie and Thor took the train (not enough room in the car) back to Marie’s flat. We drove through the city for about 30 minutes to Marie’s place – a fourth floor two bedroom.

Nice place for Copenhagen, well lit but a very small bathroom (shower curtain protects towels and toilet paper – rest of the place gets wet) and smallish kitchen (“dorm” size refrigerator), nice living room/office, Thor’s room (double bed) and Marie’s bedroom.

We chatted for a bit then Minna and Marie made dinner of pasta, salmon, and salad. Ole broke out a bottle of Champaign (from Russia) and we all had a toast. I gave out the gifts we had brought for everybody. We had a lively conversation for about an hour then Alice’s head started to hit the table.

We cleaned up the dishes and Marie took Thor to bed in her room. I’ll have the bottom bunk on Thor’s bead and Alice will have the top mattress in the living room. We switch tomorrow…

Ole and Minna took off and we’re to call them in the morning. Looks like a visit to the old town and Tivoli Gardens in the afternoon. Then Marie came in and gave us her wifi password and went to bed. Now neither of us is tired… The plan I to stay up until 10:30 (it will still be light) then try to go to sleep. That will be 4:30 PM EST…

As I write a lively basketball game is going on in the square outside the flat. Sounds of the city

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