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Red Bay, AL - McKinney RV - site 5

Red Bay, AL - McKinney RV - site 5, another view

Red Bay, AL - McKinney RV - full up with Tiffins waiting...

Red Bay, AL - Chris Berry's Woodworking site for coach parking

Red Bay, AL - Chris Berry's Woodworking has room for one more...

Lexington, TN to Red Bay, AL 0 - our route - 96...

Lexington, TN to Red Bay, AL 1 - the power facility at...

Lexington, TN to Red Bay, AL 2

Lexington, TN to Red Bay, AL 3 - about the 100th time...

Lexington, TN to Red Bay, AL 4 - entering Mississippi

Lexington, TN to Red Bay, AL 5 - the cotton looks about...

Lexington, TN to Red Bay, AL 6 - one of the corner...

Old flourescent overhead lights

New LED overhead fixtures

A view of the new overhead lights on - much more light...

The same old type in the bedroom

New LED overhead fixtures in bedroom

A smaller fourescent fixture over the sink

New LED fixture over sink

and no lights under the cabinet on the other side of the...

New light under cabinet

The old carpet in front of the closet

New carpet in front of closet

Old carpet at the foot of the bed

New carpet at the foot of the bed AND the new step

Old carpet on Doris' side of the bed

New carpet on Doris' side of bed

Old carpet in living room

New carpet in living room

Old carpet on the other end of the living room

New carpet on othe end of living room

New carpet in the stairwell

Chris hard at work on the custom step for Doris

It was a fairly quick 96 miles from Lexington, TN to the Mothership's birthplace, the home of all things Tiffin: Red Bay, AL.

The first two nights of our stay was at McKinney RV Sales and Service across the street from the Tiffin Service Facility and Campground. We had a full hookup, back-in site with good Verizon and an easy shot to the satellite. It's basically a parking lot but works well for what we need.

We got our jack system replaced Monday afternoon but the right front jack malfunctioned when we got back to the campground so we had to have it replaced Tuesday morning and they are working fine now! After getting the new jack, we had our annual service done at Bay Diesel Tuesday and then spent Tuesday night at Chris Berry's so that he could replace all our fluorescent lighting with LEDs on Wednesday. He also added another under-counter fixture in the kitchen as well as replacing the microwave bulbs with LED conversions. Our lighting is much, much better now and looks better as well. The LED bulbs will last almost forever and the fluorescent bulbs had really gotten expensive so we will save money in the long run. And they look 100% better as well!!!

We then spent Wednesday and Thursday night at Custom RV so Brannon could replace all of our carpet on Thursday and Friday. He also replaced our kitchen faucet and found a leak over our windshield that was driving us nuts. The new carpet looks fantastic and makes the coach look much homier as it is a warmer color than the foam green stuff that was originally installed.

In five quick days at Red Bay, we have managed to get a tremendous amount done: new jack system; the 36 month preventive maintenance service on the Mothership which includes changing almost every fluid and filter she has; all fluorescent lights replaced with new LED fixtures; a custom step built and installed to make it easier for Doris to get up to the closet area; new carpet throughout the coach; new faucet installed in kitchen sink; and a leak fixed that was maybe the most important of them all! After a week of arising very early (sometimes 3:00 a.m.) and doing a lot of sitting around while things are being done, we are exhausted and ready for a couple of days resting and watching football.

We hadn't planned on leaving Red Bay until tomorrow but Brannon finished the carpet up early enough for us to travel today. Our planned campground at Clanton, AL was closed so we went on to Montgomery. I will discuss that stop on our next posting.

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