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The Zoo outside the airport


The Occasional Billboard

Arrived in Cancun after a bumpy ride the last 30 minutes or so - flew into some thunderstorms but otherwise nothing exciting.

The lines at immigration were really long - about ten planes had landed in a short period and the place was packed. Of course, the other line went much faster... Then had to wait for my bag for a bit but bought a bottle of Havana Club at the duty free shop. Customs was no problem.

After running the gauntlet of time share vendors I walked into the zoo that is the waiting area for transport. Many signs from many groups. The weather was warm (high 70s) but a light rain was falling. I found my name after a bit, waited a bit and finally the guy put me on a taxi by myself.

Drive was a woman who had been doing this for fifteen years but she was not very talkative. The ride was down the coastal road which was lots and lots of jungle punctuated y the occasional billboard, resort entrance, abandoned resort, or factory (both function and not). An hour on the road and then - Playa del Carmen!

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