Karol Gives Poverty A Stern Talking To travel blog

Haiti, being the poorest nation in the western hemisphere suffers from various problems. The nation was already in bad standing before an earthquake hit it in 2012, which only weakened the nation's condition. With the construction of most buildings in Haiti being fairly weak, to say the least, and the nation itself lying on a fault line, the damage resulting from the earthquake was greatly maximized. Haiti holds few sources of clean drinking water, which meant that diseases such as cholera, which were problems for the nation even before the earthquake, were able to spread quicker afterwards. Furthermore, the rather weak and shaken government of the nation was unable to help the nation recover quickly and has done little to date to help it rise from poverty and its impending issues. The earthquake not only shook the nation and its government, but also its economy. Jobs in Haiti had been scarce which weakens the economy, and a high reliance on internal trade makes the condition even more bleak. When it comes to the exportation of goods, Haiti ranks 148th out of 156 nations, which is only 12% of its GDP (NationMaster.com). Haiti simply cannot maintain such an internal focus on trade and must extend to other nations if it wants to boost its economy, especially following the disastrous earthquake. Haiti's geography, in terms of both its location on a fault line and its lack of clean freshwater for drinking, as well as a weakened government and lacking economic strategies all contribute to its impoverished state as a nation.

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