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We even have green shakes on the boat - sometimes!

Busy boys: Will and Ryan Powell




**Boat: Tied up at the Bridgepointe Marina in New Bern, NC

**Us: With Warwick’s son, Ben and his wife, Maureen and our grandsons, in Pittsboro NC

Weather: Cooler, in the 60s during the day, 30s to 40s at night

Boat Names: Not seeing too many in this lovely wooded area!

When I first started to ski, Warwick said that if I was falling down I was learning. No falls, no learning. If you buy that philosophy, then we've been learning plenty, or as Warwick likes to say "re-learning" how to live on a boat.

Putting the boat into a slip at the marina in New Bern, NC (for our drive West to Pittsboro to visit kids/grandkids) was quite an experience. With wind coming from the side, it was not an easy task. And I didn’t help when I got the mooring lines tangled in the life lines, as I tried to throw them to the marina attendant on the dock. As a result the boat was nearly sideways in the slip – and we earned some new ‘dings’ on the hull….

In spite of the learning, we actually had a couple of good and uneventful days on the boat, and made our way to mile marker 182 of the ICW, near Oriental, NC. There we took the detour, up the Neuse River to the small town of New Bern.

If the weather cooperates we expect to be on our way again this weekend. Meanwhile, we’re basking in the comforts of home and the pleasures of family.

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