India & Sri Lanka - Fall 2013 travel blog

100 meter pool

relaxing view

local fruit


eggs in crepes

good smells

outdoor bathroom


After six hours of sleep we just couldn't keep our eyes shut. And yet when I tried to read email, it felt like I was reading a physics text. That's jet lag. And that's why we came two days early. We want to enjoy the tour once it starts and learn as much as possible about this island.

So the best strategy for the day was to hang around the hotel and enjoy this lovely spot. It's a perfect place to regain your bearings. The low rise bungalos surround the largest swimming pool we have ever seen. The hotel is on a lagoon and easy chairs under the shade trades invited us to linger and enjoy the view. It's hot and humid as we expected. Not as hot and humid as Singapore, but definitely a step up from the Caribbean.

The room is spacious. The sleeping area is air conditioned, but the bathroom is open air. Palm trees grow next to the tub and insects chirp while we shower.

Service is superb. Lithe young men wearing long skirts are vigilant, making sure we are happy and comfortable. The breakfast buffet reflected the varied clientele who stay here. There was a rice and curry section for the local crowd, a noodly section for the Chinese, and an area with familiar breakfast foods for the likes of us.

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