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Mexico Border Crossing

Border Crossing today was VERY Interesting!!!!

Here's How it went!!!

Started out with a rain delay (and groggy start from the evening before)

FED EX-shipped our heated gear back to CO

Dairy Queen

Make up time to get over the border

BORDER DELAY-Thanks to Justin not letting MEXICO know he took the bike out of the country when he was here in 2010!!! Cost him some penalty money (Bribe $$$)

, but the Mexican Immigration officers then took us in the back for some fish taco's, CocaCola,

and a personal escort to a central part of the city that foreigners should not be in. The HOLIDAY INN!!!

Security Guard delivery service of Beer and Local Tacos (Guess they really did not want us wondering the town, REYNOSA MX)

Room Service (from the security guard who is supposed to be watching our bikes???)

Guess that's enough for today. We will leave at Dawn when the Cartel goes to bed and haul ass to Tampico or somewhere around there tomorrow!!! Overall, the scare was them not letting Justin into Mexico and thought our trip was quickly coming to an end!!! But NO, We came, We Conquered!! So Far!!!!!

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