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The heat in Hershey was unexpected. It stressed the electricity capacity of our campground so much we had to run the generator til 11pm so we could A/C. Yesterday was a bit cooler, but still very humid. As the cold front approached it brought lightening, thunder and heavy downpour. Once again I felt sorry for the outdoor vendors as their tents and awnings collapsed and blew around. I hope they had a break from the weather today. When we got back to the campground, workers were sawing a large tree branch that came down uncomfortably close to our rig.

Our friends left at 6am and will be home in time for dinner. Our more leisurely approach to life had us arriving at home in time for a neighborhood picnic and the Bears game tomorrow Sunday. But because the Spartan repair folks were four hours late for our service appointment two weeks ago, we are lingering until Monday when we can try once again to get the washing machine repaired in Elkhart, IN.

It has been in the back of my mind to visit the newish Rock & Roll Museum in Toledo which has gotten rave reviews and it is a good half way point between Hershey and Elkhart. But we were surprised to find few campgrounds in the area and none near the route toward Elkhart. We have ended up in the Cuyahoga County Fairgrounds camped in the area normally utilized by the carnies and other special event attendees. The sites have full utility service and so far we have not found anyone to pay.

Ironically we will be using the electricity here to run the heat pump. Lows in the 40ยบ's are forecast for tonight.

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