8th May, 2013

We left Meandarra this morning and headed for Chinchilla.

We thought we would have breakfast and fuel up in Condamine but it is even smaller than Meandarra. The Roads were slightly better, although still not up to scratch really. Thankfully the bikes are travelling a lot better since Rob fixed their mountings.

There are a lot of Gas Pipeline/Drilling activities in the area and quite a few "camps" for the workers since we were this way two years ago.

We arrived in Chinchilla and headed out to Doug's Place. It was almost a feeling of "coming home" for both of us. We really love it out here.

We had to cut a dead tree down to "open" the gate, but don't worry, we had permission from Doug. LOL.

We set up camp only a few meters from where we camped the very first time we came here and proceeded to give the area a "hair cut" and build our fire pit.

Dinner cooked on the open fire and after a very pleasant day................BED TIME.

9th May, 2013

The truck is still playing up so we decided it was time to CALL FOR THE DOCTOR.

We got almost all the way to the highway and probably could have gone further except there was a creek crossing and we didn't want to chance "conking" out complete so pulled off and rang RACQ (NRMA).

The tilt-tray was there within 20 minutes and took poor "Fred" to the Ford Dealer in town. NRMA (Sydney) were very obliging and arranged a hire car for us and once the service manager confirmed that it would take 10 days before we got the truck back, they extended the usual 7 day hire to 10 days. Not having to pay out for accommodation and/or relocation probably helped in their decision making and they also extended the kilometre allowance to 1,000. You certainly wouldn't leave home with NRMA PREMIUM ASSIST that's for sure.

We ended up with an Hyundai I45. Nice sedan but you feel like you are scraping along the ground after sitting up high in Fred.

10th May, 2013

Washing day....too much to hand wash so into town to the Laundromat. Prices have increased since last time, now $5.00 per load but it has to be done.

Visited the local pharmacy to try and get something for the itchy bites I picked up in Nindigully. The itch is driving me mad and doesn't allow for much sleep either. I hope these work.

If this is what is going to happen every time I go away then I might have to seriously consider selling the van and staying home and finding something else to do with my time. Every other time I have had the bites we have been in the coastal areas, never thought it would happen out in the West.

Rob got a good feed of Yabbies in the billabongs so it's YABBIE HAPPY HOUR TONIGHT.

11th May, 2013,

Stay home day. I have had very little sleep the last three nights so hopefully will be able to catch up on some.

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