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This was a sign that said Fords Bridge in Fords Bridge







Day 3: 30 March 2013

Cobar to Kilcowera Station

We had a big day ahead of us so we got up early in the morning and it was absolutely FREEZING especially for Cobar.

We said goodbye to our relative and headed off for our 427 kilometre trip. On the way we stopped at Bourke and stocked up our food as there wasn’t going to be any more shops for a long time.

There was a tourist centre in the community so we had a browse in there but the best thing was that they had FLUSHING toilets which was quite a novelty after having pit toilets.

Today we will be travelling on the Dowling Track – ‘prowling the Dowling’. It is a dirt track named after an explorer called Vincent Dowling who was known in that area. On the way there was a town that is called Ford Bridge, that is named after Nannies madden name, Ford.

We stopped at the border between N.S.W and Queensland and put a leg in each state. Along the border follows the longest fence in the world which is called the Wild Dog Proof Fence which used to be called was the Rabbit Proof Fence and the Dingo Proof Fence. The name was changed to the Dingo Proof fence in 1914 when it was raised by 6foot. Here we had lunch and the Atkins realised they had a flat tire.

It’s was extremely hot and we wished we didn’t put so much cold weather gear on.

After all that we finally got to Kilcowera Station where it is a cattle farm. We camped right beside a lagoon. Alex put his yabby trap in the lagoon but unfortunately he didn’t catch any. Here was very nice except for the large amount of flies and bugs. When we were eating our dinner all bugs came flying over to you and they would go all over your dinner. I found it a bit weird that the long drop toilet door was a curtain. On the ground you saw all the animal foot prints. We think there’s footprints of camel, cow, kangaroos, goats and emus. Alex put up his Camera detective (it’s a camera where when it senses movement, and takes pictures) and there is photos which appears to be a photo of a foxes tail.) We ended the day with a nice, warm campfire and a chat.

Day 4: Sunday 31 March 2013

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