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The Ol'D's Soda Shop in Harlingen, Texas

Neon Sign Outside Ol'D's

Soda Fountain

More of the Interior

Some of the crowd at Ol'D's

The Menu

We recommend the hamburgers - this is the Double Decker

Our Activity Director at Winter Ranch trying to eat a Double Decker

Mary, The owner of Ol'D's, and Donna

Now he is singing to Jack and Donna

Neon Signs Inside

More Neon Signs

Bobby Doo Wop

Lee ordered a Milk Shake - Yum!

Bobby Doo Wop singing to me

There seems to be a head that needed shining in the audience

Miriam and Al enjoying the show

Bobby Doo Wop is Fickle - Now he is singing to Donna

He's still singing to Donna

She won his heart for the evening with this move!

Check out the glasses

Our group doing the chicken dance

More chicken dancing

Char line dancing

More line dancing

Elvis is in the building!

Elvis was really good!


Al, Richard and Lee howling at Donna and Elvis flirting

Elvis gets a tip from Char


Elvis gave Donna a Teddy Bear - guess what he sang to...



Movie Clips - Playback Requirements - Problems?

(MP4 - 4.59 MB)

Lets Do The Hop

(MP4 - 3.47 MB)

Little Runaway

(MP4 - 5.37 MB)

Johnny Be Good

(MP4 - 4.06 MB)

Play Me That Mountain Music

(MP4 - 3.86 MB)

Mountain Music Dancing

(MP4 - 6.08 MB)


We took one of the Winter Ranch bus tours tonight and headed for Harlingen, Texas and the Ol'D's Soda Shop. The owner of Ol'D's used to work at Pepe's before the place was ruined in a flood in 2010. He then bought the place in Harlingen. He and his mother sing together as "Double Decker" and then he has other musicians also. Double Decker is really a good group. We enjoyed listening to them. Then they introduced Bobby Doo Wop and he just really got the crowd howling. Then later Bobby came back as Elvis. He was awesome - really sounded like him and had some good moves. Everyone on the bus really enjoyed it and all of us want to go back again.

We ordered the buffet special since it was faster, however, the next time we go, we're going to get the burgers. They looked really good and everyone who had them thought they were great. JD, our Activity Director, ordered a Double Decker and had to remove a lot of its parts in order to get it in his mouth! They also have a Triple Burger! Lee ordered a milk shake and I took a few bites of it and it was good too.

We really enjoyed the music and the atmosphere of the place. Double Decker was fun to listen to and the owner can really do a jig. He did one to Play Me That Mountain Music. He was great.

Bobby Doo Wop was really good. He flirted with our friend, Donna, all night and she encouraged him so it got funnier and funnier. He ended up giving her a teddy bear as Elvis late in the show as he sang Teddy Bear to her.

If you get a chance, try the place out!

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