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Feb 7

No seasickness but the noises of a small boat moving made for a fitful night's sleep. I was awakened at midnight by the horn signalling we were leaving. I thought it was the emergency alarm so got up, woke up Mike, put my lifejacket on and headed up the ladder. I was the only one there. Duh. Mike didn't even bother getting up. Yes, I did feel kind of stupid. ;)

After breakfast at 7am we loaded into the pangas and headed for the shore of Floreana and visited post office bay. There we went through the stack of postcards left by other visitors. There were a few going to places near where some of us live so those were taken to be delivered when we get home. We left our post cards there and hopefully someone will do the same for us.

We walked around for a bit taking photos of birds, crabs and a couple of sea turtles in the water and then went snorkelling. I saw lots of colourful fish, large and small but the highlight was finding a large sea turtle and swimming WITH it. I was so excited, I pressed on the wrong buttons on the camera and missed most of it. I did manage to get a bit of video of the turtle though.

Back on the boat we enjoyed some relaxation, lunch of soup, fish and brussel sprouts (Yucky, but I ate 2 of them...hehe) and observing sea turtles mating in the water as well as sea lions playing nearby as the boat moved to another part of the island

Next we got in the pangas again and headed off to Devil's rock, a very old volcano which is now just a bunch of lava sticking out the ocean. We snorkelled around it and saw lots of larger fish, many starfish and puffer fish. In the middle of the rock the current became very strong. Mike and some of the others couldn't overtake it so were picked up by a panga. I kept going and got to see several white tipped sharks. I dove down to see one hiding under a rock and it came out and again, I got so excited I pushed all the wrong buttons on the camera so no photos. Bummer. What an experience!

Back at the boat we quickly showered off the salt water, changed, got back in the pangas and back to Floreana. We hiked inland to a brackish lagoon where we saw a couple of flamingos. Then we hiked along a hot path of volcanic gravel to another beach that is positively littered with turtle nests, some of which had obviously been created only the night before. We observed one mama turtle making her way back to the sea. Again, I photographed the pretty crabs, some birds and just walked around. On our return to the landing beach we found a sea lion begging to get it's picture taken.

Back on the boat again in time for dinner of beef, mashed potatoes, mushrooms and salad and chocolate cake for desert. Yes, we're definitely getting spoiled. Daniel briefed us on what is to happen tomorrow and gave us a lesson on how the Galapagos was created. Having a zoologist and geologist in the group inspires lots of fascinating questions so we're learning a LOT. Since we expressed such interest we got to watch a video on Charles Darwin and his theories of Natural Selection and how he came up with it. At this point the boat left the bay bound for the Island of Espanola. It's different watching a movie while moving along the ocean.

What a fantastic day!!

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