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Astrological temple


Cenote at Chichen Itza


Cenote from inside

Merida at night

Hotel Caribe Courtyard

Partiers in the next room kept us up despite our use of ear plugs. At 2:30 am when I called front desk to complain, I was told it would be okay as there was a group on a late flight checking in. Duh, I don't think all that yelling had anything to do with just “settling in” but whatever. I was sorely tempted to bang on their door at 6 am but ….I restrained myself. Hehe

We met a couple of the others for breakfast at a restaurant down the street, came back and checked out, loaded up in taxis and headed to the bus station. Mexican buses are punctual and notoriously over air conditioned so I made sure to have a jacket in spite of hot, humid day. They play movies dubbed in Spanish the whole time which is kind of annoying but the seats are comfy and I had a good book.

Chichen Itza was packed with people and this is the low season! Our guide was very informative and I learned more about the Mayan and other Mexican indigenous cultures. The world is not going to end on Dec.12 but the era is as the Mayan calendar was only good for 5012 years. So Dec. 21 will be the first solstice of a new era. So there you go. It was nicely overcast so not so hot and we spent a couple of hours viewing all the different structures.

Some of us hopped into cabs and went to see a nearby cenote. It was a big hole in the ground filled with water with little waterfalls and plants growing naturally all around. Beautiful, but very touristy. We enjoyed dinner at the buffet and Nicole and I went to check out the cenote. I took pictures and she went swimming – not hot enough for me. It was cool and refreshing with lots of curious fish.

Back to the ruins, pick up our luggage and catch another ADO bus with another movie and we're headed to Merida. On the way Stavros suddenly ran up the aisle. I thought maybe he was going to be sick but no, he was informing the driver that the hatch had opened. The bus pulled over and the driver fixed it and assured him no luggage was lost. Thank you Stavros!

We arrived in the dark to a very quaint Hotel Caribe which is an old building with a courtyard, lots of steps and many nooks and crannies. The room is small and basic with no AC but it's clean and Merida is such a pretty town. We walked around for a bit and the group went out for supper. I sat down, looked at the menu and decided I'm not hungry so visited for a bit and went back to my room. Most of them have plans to sleep in and hang around town tomorrow. Not me. I'm checking out the cenotes.

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