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Palenque- Jungle, Ruins and waterfalls

A hot and sweaty jungle town next to some awesome Mayan ruins. We arrived at 6am went straight up to our shack by a creek in the jungle and were on a tour by 8am. More fab Mayan ruins and then an afternoon of visiting and swimmking in beautiful waterfalls. Would have had a quieter night sleeping on runway 3 at heathrow with all the howler monkeys and andy saw a spider so big and hairy at first he thought he'd seen a mouse! ( he's promised not to show me the picture till we get back to England)

Next day was a huge long early day visiting Yaxchilan and Bonampak ruined Mayan Cities in the jungle. Incredible places and some good monkey sightings. We were dropped god knows where quite frankly with a sincere promise that the next morning a man whose name we didn't know, who couldn't speak any English would drive us to a road junction where another man who we didn't know would take us to the border crossing for Guatemala. Sounded good to us, so we kicked back in this ' community' a set of thatched huts in neatly farmed and landscaped grounds with allotments and next to a creek with a waterfall, a communal dining area and a noisy parrot.

Sure enough. A wait at a road junction, a bumpy bus ride and a boat crossing lateIr and we were in Guatemala!

We think.......

Essentially we got in a small boat it drove down and across the river. Pulled up at a bush where 2 men and a child were washing a motorbike in the river and a woman wearing an apron surrounded by small children and chickens was offering to sell us money.

Luckily a man with a ponytail and silver teeth who worked as a fixer on Guatemalan 'Survivor' was there to take us to immigration( a small hut with 5 sets of police uniforms on a washing line outside) and drive us to Flores. Where we'll be for 2 nights.

Turns out its happy hour ( All The Time!) so off for a mojito.

A&b xxxxx

Nearly forgot the

Big Dog Breakdown.

Palenque/ruins/cabins in no mans land: A skinful of Mexican beer required to sleep in the jungle. Howler monkeys worse than mating foxes in London. Stickiness factor a zillion.

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