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November 21-22. 2012 – Alamo, Texas

November 21 – Today I was at the grocery store about 7:45. I wanted to avoid the crowds of folks shopping for Thanksgiving dinner. I needed a few things such as puffs and some ant spray. There is an ant hill close to the coach so I want to get rid of them before they get in. Anyway, I got there at a good time. By the time I left around 8:30 the parking lot was beginning to fill up and the aisles in the store were getting crowded.

When I got back, I put stuff away and got the inside of the car cleaned out. I still have to get the trunk cleaned out, but that can wait for a few days.

I stopped at the office and signed up for the Thanksgiving dinner in the activity hall. They set the tables up to seat 16 and each set of tables has a host and hostess. They cook the turkey, and everyone else brings a side dish. That way there are no long lines to get your meal.

I’m sure glad that I’m not traveling today. I was watching the news tonight and New York City was having major problems. They had been recommending that folks travel by train this Thanksgiving despite the fact that the trains had just barely started operating again. Well, at about 4:45 – just as everyone was getting off work and heading out, they closed Penn Station because of signal trouble. No one was allowed into the station and the backup on the sidewalk was something to see. Closing Penn Station effectively shut down all rail travel on the east coast. They finally got limited service operating about 7 or so.

November 22 – I watched the Macy’s parade this morning and then got ready to go to dinner. I was in a group with folks from Missouri. She grew up near Slater, Missouri which is where I lived until I was 8. Other folks were from Colorado, Michigan, New York and Canada. We had a good time visiting and talking about our travels. We had turkey, ham, dressing, mashed potatoes and gravy, sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, mixed veggies, pea salad, corn and cole slaw. There was dessert. I saw pumpkin pie and cupcakes, but I passed on that. There were 8 groups of tables each with their own turkey and ham and side dishes. I don’t know what side dishes the other groups had, but I can tell you that we had really good cooks in our group.

I came back and took a nap. The rest of the day, I did absolutely nothing.

For years I’ve gone to the mall when the stores open to sit and watch the shoppers, but I didn’t do that last year, and I won’t this year either. I don’t feel safe in this area wandering around parking lots in the dark so that is a tradition that will go by the wayside. I will try to get to JC Penney to get a snow globe, but that is all the “shopping” I intend to do tomorrow.

There was an awful wreck on I10 east of Houston. They are now saying that it involved over 150 cars and trucks. There was heavy fog, and it was a chain reaction wreck. So far, only 2 people have died. Considering the number of vehicles involved and the total destruction of most of them, it is a miracle that more weren’t killed. There were quite a few taken to the hospital but they haven’t given any report on how many or how badly they were injured. It closed I10 in both directions for several hours. One kid rescued the turkey from his mom’s car and made sandwiches for everybody who was near them. They at least had something to eat. Most folks were stranded with no food and no hope of making it to wherever they were going for dinner. The closure last 8 or 9 hours.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.


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