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The drive from Madrid took us through the coutnry side of Spain. Every couple of hours we'd stop for a service break. Who would have though it was still necessary to 'spend a penny' whenever you went to the bathroom? I thought it was an old legend from my Grandma, but no, we did have to pay 70cents for each time we used the bathroom!

The buses are pretty well fitted. There are movies for each leg of the trip. Usually soemthing to do with the location you are driving too. Theres also a few different music channels you can plug into aswell. We normally sit up the front and as a result are frontline to the busdrivers beatz(often not my taste), and a tad disrupting when trying to watch a movie! Live goes on I guess....

We had no idea at the time but we were arriving a few days before San Fermin (running of the bulls) in Pamplona. The bus dropped a few people off there then we drove straight on through to San Seb.

Its such a nice little beachside town. I'm not very good at painting pictures so I wont.

The guides from busabout took us on a Pintxos tour that night. They are simillar to Tapas, but instead of getting a nice warm lil meal, you get a slice of bread with a nice little eau derve on top of it. Topping included but are not limited to...vegetables, meat, chese or a massive chucnk of spanish omlette. We met lots of nice people along the way, notabley Joe and Cassie who were from England and three aussies Kat, Michael and Joe from Tasmania (they pop up again en francais). We finished at some bar/club where we were literally the only customers. Had a boogey to the Macarena then hit the hay.

For lunch the next day, we had a DIY baguette with different filling we purchased from a deli we found. Janes nifty new pocket knife came in handy but the ammount of bread we had all eaten recently is ridiculous! Good tucker non the less before tackling the 'jesus walk' up the clifff......I dont even know if its callled that but it makes sense to me seeing as theres a MASSIVE statue of the man himself up the top. A pal we made on busabout, Tim joined us for the endeavour. There were such lovely views from up the top. We got a 360 deg view of the whole town. Posed for a few snaps then made our way back down.

Nitz and I went for a romantic dinner at a Mexican restaurant. Food was a'ight so we paid (well thought we paid) and left. 30 m down the road the crazy mexican lady was running after us accusing us of leaving without paying. This bloody travel card! Picks and chooses when it want to work...obviously not at the most important times. Next we went to our fave icecream shop, Raviolinis...Sooooo good though wasnt v impressed with my flavour selection tonight of banana something ratha.

On the third day I woke up and went for a short stroll along the fron beach which I hadnt seen yet. San seb reminds me of a beach holiday town like byron bay or something along those lines. Rather pituresque. Anyway, I definatley did not need that walk in the morning as we ended up going on a 10km trek over the mountain to the next town. (It was only meant to be 8km but we took a few wrong turns, having a map would have helped).

We arrived at a nice lil place called San Juan (maybe??) and caught a little ferrie over to the island for a seafood lunch. Laura had a gourmet 3 course luch and I had fun with my fish and chips. Sitting down on the bus was so lovely while it lasted! A total of 5 minutes which was depressing thinking about the hours we had just spent working off our 300 icecreams we have eaten so far on this trip.

A pal of ours, Jonny was in San Seb so we met up with him, had our kebabs then set of for what we thought was going to be a 'quiet' night. I think sangria, casios and almost missing our bus the next morn sums it up pretty well!

p.s It is on a sad note i regret to inform you that it was leaving this town in our hast where I departed ways with my 9 day old sloppy joe jumper. I have been cold ever since.

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