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After spending six hours at Camping Word getting the new washer/dryer installed even though we were told it was a less than two hour job, we headed farther east. The wind continues to plague us as cold front comes through promising some much needed rain relief to this dry area.

We got to the campground and Ken pushed the jack button and the jacks came down. He has tried this off and on about twenty times since they failed six weeks ago. We are headed to the factory tomorrow to get them fixed. How will they fix what is no longer broken? We can't trust them not to fail again.

So, then I turned on the new washing machine. At the rinse cycle water started pouring out from behind the machine. When we pulled it out of the cabinet we noticed that the drain hose had never been attached to the drain and all the soapy and rinse water was now all over the floor and Ken's shoes which we store beneath the washer. We attached the drain hose but now the brand new machine does not work at all. We phoned the manufacturer and he helped us trouble shoot to no avail. I am so angry I can't see straight. Perhaps a good night's sleep will produce a strategy on how to handle this. We do not want to drive back to Council Bluffs to the installer who made the mistake in the first place. After calling the manufacturer, the only repair place "nearby" is Elkhart, IN a two+ hour drive from home. Why should we repair a brand new machine and have to do all that driving?

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