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the tilted apartment block

Oresund Bridge

Today had been forecast as fine. Over night the forecast changed to rainy, so we went from going on a 1and a 1/2 hour drive to Funen; an island between here and the Danish mainland, where we would have again walked, to a 20+ km drive to Sweden. Of course it didn't rain but now I can say Ive been to Sweden! As far as Malmo, which is just over the bridge.

Again you're getting an architectural picture! It isn't the Swedish version of the Leaning Tower of Pisa. But the spiralling steel frame of this upmarket apartment block certainly makes it looks tilted!

To get to Malmo we crossed the Oresund bridge, the longest in Europe. Its even more impressive from the air. SO I swiped a photo off the internet.

Again we walked, talked a bit, had coffee and took just one photo. the apartment block!

Its interesting crossing borders when countries are so close. I remember way back in 1992 when we went to Germany to have afternoon tea! Like you do! Much better in another country. There were large shops on each side of the border. Denmark had cheap alcohol and sex related items. Germany had fuel and not sure what there other 'cheaper' item was. At that time the Swedes also came to Denmark for cheap alcohol. Now not sure what the Swedes came here for except work. Pay is 25% higher. But on their side there is a large IKEA store. Electrical items in particular are cheaper there so people go from Copenhagen and around to get their large TVs then drive back again!

Ashley also talked about the owner of Saxo Bank. He objected to paying tax on his new Ferrari (cars heavily taxed in Denmark..helps keep the country 'green') SO he bought a house in Sweden for a few million and garaged is car there; to save a few thousand..all as a matter of principle!

As it still hadn't rained on return to Zealand (the Danish island on which Copenhagen is situated), we kept driving past Copenhagen and up the coast. Stopped at a marina and looked at boats; in the shops and checked out restaurant menus before having an early tea. Much like doing coastal drive at home really, except for the occasional thatched roofs, glazed tiles, steep roofs, an occasional little castle, the dummy tree (where children getting too old for dummies put them to rest!) And in the shops some 'sporty' type fur coats lingering from winter stock along with the thongs shorts and other summer gear. There is a photo of the dummy tree in 2004 cartersojourn trip journal. You can check it out.

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