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Container train along the highway

San Antonio? Or El Paso? Westward we go.

Some West Texas bluffs

Wind turbine blades

Our campsite at Vista RV Park (and we ARE level)

Highway on one side of the campground

Train on the other

Sunrise at Sierra Blanca

Another view

Scenes along Old Main Street in Sierra Blanca TX

Old Main Street

Abandoned motel


Don't know what this was

It once worked...a looooong time ago

Don't count on stopping here


Since it was only a short distance from Monahans to Sierra Blanca, we didn’t get underway ‘til 11:15.

We climbed a LOT of mountains today and fought a bit of a headwind all the way so we didn’t get as far on our tank of diesel as normal. Let me tell you, I was a nervous wreck watching that needle go closer and closer to “E” and we’re out in the middle of nowhere. In fact, the wonderful little “bong, bong” of the low fuel warning signal even came on…but by then we were only about 3 miles from a very welcomed gas station in Plateau Center, TX! Whew. I could breathe again. I was very proud of the truck today; it handled the hills pretty well, slowing only to 50 mph on some of the really long ones.

We drove through some absolutely beautiful country today. Mountains all around us…some all smooth looking while others rose tall and jagged against the unbelievably blue sky. Bob took so many pictures but they just cannot do justice to the beauty we saw. What’s really neat about these mountains compared to the ones in the east is that you can actually see the mountain itself. Back east, all the mountains are covered with trees. Here you can see how the mountain is “built”…all the nooks and crannies, emphasized by the shadows cast by the sun.

Last night was nice and quiet and private at Sandhills State Park. This evening we’re at the Vista RV Park, a little RV park with the interstate about 100 yards behind us and the railroad about a block in front of us! And the trains run every 30 minutes or so! And there are 3 crossings in this town that they must sound their whistles!! But, believe it or not, we both slept as well here as we did where it was quiet. There’s a restaurant at the park so we treated ourselves to dinner this evening. When I went to the post office, I asked the postmistress if it was a decent town and she said it’s the type of town where no one locks their doors and every one knows every one else. My kind of town.

TOTAL MILES TODAY: 166 TOTAL TIME: 3 ½ hours with ½ hour fuel stop

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