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1 of 2 from the scenic overlook

Branson as seen from the overlook(2 of 2)

Very good lunch @ Landry's


One lane bridge #1

Preparing to turn around

The suspension bridge!

Separated but back on the road



Bentonville town square

Alrighty, now...at the risk of insulting Maxine, the cartoon character, I have this observation to make...thousands of Maxine-like creatures(minus the humor) visit the tacky town of Branson blemishing the picturesque Ozark beauty! The Tracker was snubbed beyond belief by the haughty, grotesquely large Lincolns and Cadillacs. Our Michigan campground neighbors left two days early saying, "this town isn't what we were expecting". Enough said; we will move on down the winding roads plunging into the depths of Ozark country.

Our goal is to reach Bentonville, Arkansas. The lake homes are quite lovely-some inhabited full time, others summer homes. Not only neighborhoods but individual homes lie behind electric gates. A corresponding fence surrounds the property no matter the size. This takes place within a hundred mile radius. As we were traveling on US 187, a series of one lane bridges began to appear. Oh, no-angst, this tin can we're towing is long and heavy. Now wouldn't you know it-one lane suspension bridge ahead-height 11'. We must be living right as Corky was able to turn around after disconnecting the Tracker.

We've moved into a COE park on Beaver Lake. The Corp has well maintained campgrounds, wide spots, 50 amp service, water, etc. From the big back window we see lake, steep walls of rock, lake homes looming large above the water. To Sam Walton's original variety store we went. The store serves as a museum tracing this American retail success story. Dreadful ,though ,was a huge display of every flavor of moon pies under the sun!!! I only had ONE-small at that:) Helen Walton had a saying which went something like this-it is OK to gather as long as you scatter. Their lifestyle remained modest-Sam's red pick-up, his corporate office for example.

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