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residents of Sumter Oaks RV Park

I got up this morning and really didn't want to drive, but I had to! This was the first time in 5 years of RVing that I didn't want to drive! I think it was because I had just driven many miles without stopping to see what's in the area for a day.

I did get to the Escapees Park here in Bushnell in mid-afternoon and while I was setting up camp, 3 sandhill cranes wandered over to eat some of the many live oak acorns that are all over the ground. That picked me up a bit.

Did you know that putting 3 tennis balls in your dryer with your clothes will cut your drying time in half? Neither did I! A sign in the laundry room over a basket of tennis balls made that claim, saying it's just as good as those magic balls that cost $10!! I hadn't heard of those either. I tried it, and my heavy clothes were completely dry in 20 minutes! I think that is half the usual time! How about that? Only thing was that I smelled rubber when I took the clothes out - I forgot a dryer sheet!

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