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Our first camp site - didn't even hit the trees!



Slept a little better. Had breakfast in room that used to be the bar/restaurant. The central a/c had obviously died some time ago as they had a portable a/c with a big silver hose coming out of the back. Not a comfortable place - subdued lighting - fine for a restaurant.No hot food but lots of muffins and doughnuts - we had cereal again - we're trying to be good. At 9:30 we arrived at Des Moines RV - wrong place - no-one had read instructions - directed to right place, only few miles away - phew! Arrived at 10, exactly on time and it had a much better entrance and exit - important when you've never driven with one of these monsters behind you. Brad gave us a tour of our Pinnacle - there was a lot he didn't seem to know but it is a brand new model. He showed us how things worked but glossed over the various handles that have to be in the right position for the water system to work correctly - there are a lot of permutations and he wasn't clear about them. The Pinnacle is beautiful, huge, even better than we'd imagined it to be! The inside is just like the photos I'd seen on-line. After 1.5 hours we left Brad who gave us our RV Starter kit - water hose etc. and an electrical cord. Colin practised turning and reversing in the parking lot till he felt comfortable - I offered to practise too but he said it was so easy that I didn't need to try driving it yet. Not sure if I believe his explanation! It was Memorial Day weekend so all state parks were full, decided to stay at private campground in Altoona - all of 7 miles away! The drive there was fine but stressful. Nice long, pull-thru site and fairly level so we didn't try anything fancy with levelers. Left RV and went to Walmart to stock up on food. Tried out the convection microwave oven - heated up a pizza - delicious, browned on top and cooked in half the time. Early to bed, exhausted. Showers were cleanish but 3 showers shared communal changing room with curtains that didn't close, shower curtains were too small and too short for complete privacy and water pored out over shower pan and flooded the floor. I didn't like this arrangement but no one else came in so I was very quick!

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