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How many lists are too many? Well, it seems there are never enough, and those that are made up don't include enough... On my kitchen counter are six lists...

Today we bought the final things we'll need (hopefully) for the trip. Five books for Alice and luggage tags. Tried to get our boarding passes printed out at school, but, of course, PASSPORT wasn't on that list, so after following a huge number of links we came to the passport information page... sigh. Finally got them printed at the house.

Packing our check in luggage today went well. We laid out all the stuff into piles, checked over the list provided by the tour company, and shoved away. We're allowed tow bags each, but are trying to make do with one. Perhaps we'll buy another in Egypt and fill it full of gifts! Or perhaps bring back an illegal alien or two!

Carry on is a bit more problematic - snacks, clothing, books, what will be needed for 24 hours when you can't really sleep anywhere... We'll make it work!

In any event, the bags are packed, the taxi is arranged, the house sitters are scheduled, and now there is just one list to go - the "closing up the house" list.

The next entry should be from somewhere other than here.

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